CRU-About us

About Us

Cyber Radar University (CRU) is engaged in providing Industry aligned Cyber Security and Next-Gen Technology courses to produce industry-ready talents. CRU is the authorized body to provide certificate after completion of the courses.

CRU is a US based University engaged in providing Cyber Security education, training, and consultancy services across the world. CRU has always been committed to capacity building by offering a comprehensive Cyber Security education program through electronic media, typically the Internet. Cyber Radar University (CRU) is the authorized body to provide certificates after completion of the courses. Our core objective is to build a robust pedestal to bridge the current skill gap in this domain. Our operations revolve around the ecosystem of Individuals, Academia, Industry, and Government.


We are engaged in developing customized content solutions for “Students, Academia, Industry, and Government” with an incredible focus on high quality, effectiveness, and relevance. Our content solutions cover various next-gen technologies including Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Digital transformation. We are committed to capacity building with our rich industry knowledge and experience. In addition, we work meticulously with the industry and monitor the developments and changes through regular interactions, seminars, and workshops so as to make our courses up-to-date.

Our Core Points

  • Committed towards capacity building
  • Expanding knowledge of next-gen technology
  • Aligning curriculum to industry requirements
  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry

What Makes Us Different ?

One-Stop Solution Provider

  • Always intended to fulfill the requirements of our target audience in an all-inclusive manner
  • Trusted educator, trainer, advisor, consultant, and content developer

Domain knowledge

  • Expertise in providing a comprehensive knowledge and know-how
  • Understand that every IT environment is exceptional


  • Believe in quality – it is oxygen for us; invisible and inevitable
  • Our deliverables undergo with stringent quality parameters

Industry Aligned Content

  • Develop interactive and industry-aligned courseware
  • Providing unique content reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)


  • Delivering custom-built solutions and rich-in-value offerings
  • Meeting client’s expectation turns into reality
  • Deriving possibilities from the problems


  • Provide a strong sense of confidence in our students
  • Apply pragmatic approach to think out of the box and innovative business processes
  • International Certification: Cyber Radar University (CRU) is the authorized body to provide certificates after completion of the courses.