AWS pentesting course

A brief guide on online AWS pentesting course

By Himanshi Sharma

Let’s have a discussion on the world’s most broadly as well as comprehensive adopted cloud platform that’s offering 200 effective servicing features from the global data center. Studying pentesting AWS courses in India is considered as the global leader among cloud providers.

You might be wondering, why enrolling yourself in a cloud pentesting course is so desirable? Well...CRU is here to answer your queries, AWS certification is effective in nature to verify one’s technical understanding and skills, moreover, this solution is consistently ranked as one of the top leading programs as the market is expected to rise rapidly.

According to research, there are more than 3,80,000 cloud computing jobs accessible globally, whereas, the average salary of an AWS solution architect is estimated to be $129,000.

Queries one can face with the pentest training course

1. What skills one will explore with the pentesting AWS course in India?

The training provided by the top leading university will make one exam-ready for the AWS solutions architect, however, an individual will get an opportunity to leverage skills and get involved in advanced cloud-based solutions.

By the end of the session one will become familiar with:

  • Solution formulation planning and offering guidance for best practices
  • Designing and deploying scalable and highly accessible systems on AWS
  • Identifying the lift & shift on-an existing premises
  • Selecting the most appropriate AWS services based on the data or security requirements
  • Estimating costing and controlling mechanisms

2. Who can get registered in this online AWS pentesting course?

The course certification is beneficial/ideal for:

  • Programmers
  • Cloud Developers
  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • Solutions Architects
  • DevOps Professionals

What are the job roles of AWS solutions architect certified professionals?

Experts are required to solve operational issues in any organization, also are responsible for implementing new software for complex deployment, infrastructure, design, as well as, troubleshooting.

Reasons to learn pen testing courses in India

Pricing: For students who want to pursue their career in an advanced field about the technology, AWS has an affordable package for an access of one year, and we believe this is sufficient and accurate for starting period. We’re talking about an extreme flexible course that offers adequate pay-as-you-go approach.

Flexibility: We all know Amazon offers scalability in its functionality, and the flexibility you’ll explore during your online classes will assist your organization to ease in the movement to achieve business requirements. The extreme flexibility could be seen by its hallmark and can be the reason to learn AWS.

WorldWide Architecture: Any individual before picking and setting up servers decide an effective location, always note that AWS is a leader when it comes to cloud servers.

PaaS Providers: While learning network pentesting course you’ll replicate several managerial services such as database, caching, data warehousing, storage, transcoding, backup, infrastructure, management & application management.

Testing vulnerabilities: Several vulnerabilities are accessible that you’ll learn while learning

cloud pentesting course such are:

  1. Compromising IAM keys
  2. Covering tracks by cloudtrail logs
  3. Misconfiguration bypasses
  4. S3 bucket configuration

API: AWS offers multiple API’s programming linguistics that assist to manage company’s infrastructure programmatically. You’ll be helped by:

  1. Launching a new instance
  2. Taking backups


Online AWS pentesting course has been designed to train learners on the major components of AWS technology, moreover, assist them to get through advanced level certification exam. Additionally, the course will also enhance their knowledge to become qualified specialist to handle real-world ecosystems.

If you’re a professional and wondering to improvise your cloud security skills then AWS certification is the perfect choice for you.