Practical Training on Ethical Hacking

Practical Training on Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing

With increasing technological demand it’s essential to learn the process of detecting and arranging security threats, this course will permit you to protect an organization's loyalty and brand image. You’ll be hired at the suitable salary packages by worldwide industrialists as the service disturbances and security breaches are expensive.

Course Overview

Studying smart is everything if you want to learn from basic to the core of Ethical Hacking. No one is interested in studying, but somewhere you also know that getting everything about hacking is not just a cup of tea, it involves a lot of effort and understanding. With the growing use of digital tools, the rapid enhancement of Cyber Security is seen, equivalently C|EH is considered one of the popular exams in the IT world.

Hacker roots have been observed a decade ago, yet till 2000 this term wasn't noticed with complete focus; yes this term is called a profession now. Many individuals or youngsters recall hacker as a bad profession as they always ignore the first two terms 'Certified Ethical', and their mind has the image that a hacker is someone who damages the information, steals data, or manipulates systems. But with Cyber Radar University you'll learn something different and interesting about Hacking.

Cyber Security professionals were asked to establish legitimacy in their procedure of conducting tests as well as were ordered to find a way to communicate with the world at a particular time, with this concept Ethical Hacking came into existence.

With the growing years, the requirement of certified hackers are rising as it's now standard practice in Government's organizations, private institutes, small setup's, and even in all hospitals plus universities, it's commonly said as a practice in on-going network assessment, penetration testing, or some other risk assessment.

Why are organizations considering professional Hackers for their business? Or, why should you involve yourself in this course?

C|EH is an art, it's a science, and it's defined as a profession, which will surely stimulate your interest in your life.

Course Objectives Course Objectives
  • Comprehend the issues plaguing the information security world
  • Know various hacking terminologies
  • Understand the Fundamental elements of information security
  • Inculcate knowledge about CIA triad
  • Understand the diverse category of hacker attacks
  • Describe hacktivism and know the hackers' classification
  • Understand who is an ethical hacker
  • How do you become an ethical hacker
  • List the typical ethical hacker profile
  • Comprehend vulnerability research and list the numerous vulnerability research tools
  • Define various ways to conduct ethical hacking
  • What are the diverse means ethical hacker tests a target network
Salary Course Highlights
  • Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Network scanning methods and scanning countermeasures
  • Perform footprinting and reconnaissance
  • Network scanning methods and scanning countermeasures
  • Enumeration techniques and countermeasures
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Malware attacks, malware analysis, and countermeasures
  • Show the comprehension of attack vectors
  • Perform organize checking to distinguish live and weak machines in a system.
  • Perform framework hacking, steganography, steganalysis attacks, and spread tracks
  • Recognize and use infections, PC worms, and malware to misuse frameworks
  • Perform SQL infusion attacks
  • Perform various sorts of cryptography attacks

Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria

There are no standard or fixed or educational criteria to be an ethical hacker. Generally, organizations execute their self-made requirements for this position. A fresher with any degree can pursue this CEH course with certification. Aspirants should have basic computer knowledge. Having fundamental networking knowledge will be an added benefit to understand the topics quickly.

Moreover, this course will be useful for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students, IT students, professionals, students from an engineering background, B.Sc. B.Tech, BCA, MCA, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in mathematics, computer science. Moreover, for the non-college aspirants who left college long ago and are already working with any other organization, there is a high-level chance of their bio-data getting noticed by hiring managers if they have a military background, particularly in intelligence.

Study with Cyber Radar University
Job recognition Job Recognition

Job holders in Cyber Security find it hard to differentiate themselves and especially they're unable to prove their value and find it hard to make progressive career moves.

An individual should be pretty sure about his/her skills and role played in a previous company so that when the question is asked to tell about yourself in the next company in an interview, with full confidence a person can speak, therefore, Cyber University reveals your designations. You're certified and a legal authority to perform your job is provided.

Top organizations seek a couple of employees who're skilled, experienced, trained, and valuable. One thing is for sure due to the enrollment of digital signature the scope in this field is wide.

Salary Salary

We'll work to earn and live a sustainable life, won't we? Reputation matters but for stomach food also matters, C|EH is a good click during the unprecedented time where each organization requires a protective candidate who can secure the information and data of companies.

Getting fixed pay for Hacking is still a dream for many, and several professionals have fulfilled this dream too.

In the IT world in upcoming years this profession will be calculated in the top paid, the economy works on demand and supply chain but this is the reality now there's a shortage of professionals so go ahead and take admission in the Certified Ethical Hacking course or Penetration Training course.

How Do Cyber Radar University Open Job Opportunities

You require to be confident, proficient, and need to acquire the top of space in your job, you should be bold enough to think on your own, can act quickly and smartly, these all skills are enhanced here at Cyber University.

C|EH profession will provide you an open opportunity to prove to your employer that you stand at the top of the Cyber Security door. Exams are conducted where you are judged but here we teach you, we test your real-world challenges, with a time limit.

This time is to prove your real value in the world of competition, we assist you to explore the new and real-world teachings just you require to invest your honest time and efforts while getting everything about the Cyber Security hacking course.

Job Profiles

  • Security Specialist
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Manager
  • Security Audito
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Engineer
Course Curriculum

Basic Talk on Cyber Crimes Scenario

Types of Hackers and Hacking – An Overview

High career growth in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Overview and Importance of LAB Setup

Download and Install Virtualbox on Windows

Create Attacker Machine – Kali Linux inside Virtualbox

Create Victim Machine 1 – Metasploitable 2

Create Virtual Victim Machine 2 – Windows 10

Understand the Virtual Networking Between Virtual Machines

Overview and Objective of Information Gathering

Information Gathering by using Search Engine

Information Gathering by using Social Sites

Information Gathering About Websites

Gather Domain owner’s Personal Details Whois Database

Information Gathering about DNS and MAIL server

Collecting Emails and retrieve Information from Emails

Overview and Importance of Network Scanning

Scan Network for Live Hosts in reachable Network

Scan Hosts in Network for Open Ports

Different Techniques are used against Port Scanning

Enumeration with nmap Script Engine

Detect service version and OS detail

Nmap – Scan result & Output result

Overview of Google Hacking – Why hackers use it

Overview of Google Operators

Overview of Google Hacking Database

Hacking Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

How to Change Windows 10 Password, if you dont know Current Password

Change Windows Password By backdoor

Bypass Windows Login Screen Administrator User

Dump Windows 10 Password Hashes and Crack those

Enable Syskey Password to Protect Windows 10

Overview of Password Cracking and Types

Creating a Dictionary for Cracking Passwords – Method 1

Creating a Dictionary for Cracking Passwords – Method 2

Rule-Based Dictionary Attack for Offline Attack

Cracking Online Services – SSH, FTP etc

Zip Password Cracking with Bruteforce Attack

Collect Username and Password using Keylogger

NTFS Data Stream in Action

Detect Alternate Data stream – ADS

Overview of Steganography

Steganograpy in Action – Method 1

Steganograpy in Action – Method 2

Overview of Encryption for Protecting Data

EFS in Action and Backup Certificate

Circumstances of Losing EFS Data and Recovery

Bitlocker and Bitlocker Go in Action

Encryption in Action – Part 1

Encryption in Action – Part 2

Overview of Trojan

Trojan Infection and Evading Techniques

Trojan Detection Techniques

Check open Ports on Local Machine

Check Running Processes on Local Machine

Check for Registry Changes

Find Untrusted Drivers

Service Monitor

Startup Monitor

Check Network Activity and Status

Countermeasure from Trojan

NTFS Data Stream in Action

Honeypot in Action

Overview of Proxy Server

Types of Proxy Server

Configure Proxy for Browsers Only

Bounce your IP and Location like a Pro Hacker

Proxy Server in Action

Basic understanding about Network and Devices

Flooding attack against Victim’s MAC Address

ARP Spoofing attack in LAN

Detect ARP Spoofing Attack on Windows

MAC Spoofing Attack in Windows and Linux

Sniffing Network and steal Username and Password

DHCP starvation attack

Overview of Social Engineering

Types of Social Engineering

Types of Social Engineering and Human-based SE

Computer-Based Social Engineering

Mobile Based Social Engineering

Reality Behind Hacking of Social Sites

Advance Phishing Attack Against Facebook

Stealing Saved Password from Browser

Hijack the Session of Facebook

Getting started with Metasploit Framework

Component of Metasploit Framework

Authentication Bruteforcing Against Online Services

Metasploit GUI Armitage

Armitage One More Step

msfvenom Create Trojan for Windows

Client Side Attack Linux Trojan

Enable WEP in WiFi Router

Cracking Wirerless Encryption WEP

Enable WPA in WiFi Router

Cracking WiFi WPA and WPA2 Encryption

Personal Information


You’ll learn about Ethical Hacking means it’s an authorized hacking attempt that targets an organization’s network infrastructure, Applications, and Employees. While exploring the courses step by step you’ll acknowledge all qualitative material.

Just attempt the full course offered for your sake by our trainers.

Once you enroll in this certificate, you can get access to all the course materials and will receive your electronic certificate that will be added to your Accomplishments page- and you can print your certificate to add it into your professionals’ accounts such as LinkedIn.



Cyber Security

Computer Security Incident Management

Penetration Test

You’ll learn to describe penetration testing tools and benefits to an organization, you’ll describe digital forensics and digital evidence, additionally will discuss the power of scripting.

Planning and Discovery Knowledge Check

Attack and Reporting knowledge

Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration Test Graded Quiz

Well, coding is not mandatory for this course, this course will give you programming knowledge.