Practical Training on Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing

Practical Training on Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing

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Course Overview of Ethical Hacking

Studying smart is everything if you want to learn from basic to the core of Ethical Hacking.

It's true no one likes studying, but somewhere you also know that getting everything about hacking is not just a cup of tea, it involves a lot of effort and understanding. With the growing use of digital tools the rapid enhancement of cybersecurity is seen, equivalently CEH is considered one of the hardest exams in the IT world.

Hacker roots have been observed a decade ago, yet till 2000 this term wasn't noticed with complete focus, yes this term is called a profession now. Many individuals or youngsters recall hacker as a bad profession as they always ignore the first two terms 'Certified Ethical', and their mind has the image that a hacker is someone who damages the information, steals data, or manipulates systems. But with Cyber University you'll learn something different and interesting about Hacking.

What is the Actual Definition of Certified Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity professionals were asked to establish legitimacy in their procedure of conducting tests as well as were ordered to find a way to communicate with the world at a particular time, with this concept Ethical Hacking came into existence.

With the growing years, the requirement of Certified hackers are rising as it's now standard practice in Government's organizations, private institutes, small setup's, and even in all hospitals plus universities, it's commonly said as a practice in ongoing network assessment, penetration testing, or some other risk assessment.

Why are organizations considering professional Hackers for their business? Or, why should you involve yourself in this course?

C|EH is an art, it's a science, and it's defined as a profession, which will surely stimulate your interest in your life.

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Why Youth will Go for this Study with Cyber Radar University


Job Recognition

Job holders in cybersecurity find it hard to differentiate themselves and especially they're unable to prove their value and find it hard to make progressive career moves.

An individual should be pretty sure about his/her skills and role played in a previous company so that when the question is asked to tell about yourself in the next company in an interview, with full confidence a person can speak, therefore.

Cyber University reveals your designations. You're certified and a legal authority to perform your job is provided.

Top organizations seek a couple of employees who're skilled, experienced, trained, and valuable. One thing is for sure due to the enrollment of digital signature the scope in this field is wide.



We'll work to earn and live a sustainable life, won't it? Reputation matters but for stomach food also matters, C|EH is a good click during the unprecedented time where each organization requires a protective candidate who can secure the information and data of companies.

Getting fixed pay for Hacking is still a dream for many, and a number of professionals have fulfilled this dream too.

In the IT world in upcoming years this profession will be calculated in the top paid, the economy works on demand and supply chain but this is the reality now there's a shortage of professionals so go ahead and take admission in the Certified Ethical Hacking course or Penetration Training course.


Course Goal

Show the comprehension of attack vectors

Perform organize checking to distinguish live and weak machines in a system

Perform OS flag getting, administration, and client count

Perform framework hacking, steganography, steganalysis attacks, and spread tracks

Recognize and use infections, PC worms, and malware to misuse frameworks.


Other valuable Services

Lead an assortment of web worker and web application attacks including index crossing, boundary altering, XSS, and so on

Perform SQL infusion attacks

Perform various sorts of cryptography attacks

Perform vulnerability analysis to recognize security provisions in the objective association’s system, correspondence framework, and end frameworks, and so o

Perform bundle sniffing

Certifications for Future Career

The demand for something always creates an opportunity to prove one in respected fields. Professionals are taught to steer the program properly. We Cyber Radar University provides a certification will all positive points such as:

  • Job tasks analysis
  • Standards Mapping
  • KSA (knowledge, skills, and ability) identification
  • Courseware Development
  • Lab Development
  • Exam Development
  • Qualified panel reviews
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement

Cloud Security Analyst can be found in any organization which uses cloud computing, as there is an increase in demand for cloud worldwide, hence the job opportunities are at the mass level with the highest pay as security will and is the prime consideration of all sizes of industry. While looking to enroll in, you have two options: either you go with a cloud provider such as Amazon web services or join a firm that uses the cloud for its business. Approximately 83% of workload is in the cloud and a survey concluded that 67% of IT professionals promised that security will be the greatest concern of all public as well as private sectors.

How does the Cyber University Open Job Opportunities

You require to be confident, proficient and need to acquire the top of space in your job, you should be bold enough to think on your own, can act quickly and smartly, these all skills are enhanced here in Cyber University.

C|EH profession will provide you an open opportunity to prove to your employer that you stand at the top of the cybersecurity door. Exams are conducted where you are judged but here we teach you, we test your real-world challenges, with a time limit.

This time is to prove your real value in the world of competition, we assist you to explore the new and real-world teachings just you require to invest your honest time and efforts while getting everything about the cybersecurity hacking course.

Objectives and Eligibility for Learners

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Cyber Security, Security Essentials Bootcamp Style, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment, Hacker Tools, Technique, Exploits, and Incident Handling, Web App Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, Cyber City Hands-on Kinetic Cyber Range Exercise, Red Team Exercises, Automating Information Security with Python, Wireless Penetration Testing.


There are no predefined qualification measures for those keen on endeavoring the CEH(Practical) test. Anyway, to procure the CEH Master assignment you should effectively show your insight into Ethical Hacking in two different ways: Effectively pass the ANSI Accredited Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) numerous decision test – 312-50, and Effectively breeze through the CEH Practical Exam.

What are the Pre-requisites

To gain knowledge of ethical hacking there’s no specific eligibility area yet we recommend having the basic knowledge of TCP/IP.

Course of Content

Basic Talk on Cyber Crimes Scenario

Types of Hackers and Hacking – An Overview

High career growth in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Personal Information


You’ll learn about Ethical Hacking means it’s an authorized hacking attempt that targets an organization’s network infrastructure, Applications, and Employees. While exploring the courses step by step you’ll acknowledge all qualitative material.