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Open Source Intelligence OSINT

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This is a basic course in open-source knowledge (OSINT) gathering and, all things considered, will move rapidly through numerous regions of the field.

Course Critique

The course is a section point for individuals needing to find out about OSINT, the ideas and apparatuses instructed are a long way from fundamental. The objective is to give the OSINT preparation information to understudies to be effective in their fields, regardless of whether they are digital protectors, danger insight experts, private agents, protection claims examiners, knowledge investigators, law authorization faculty, or just somebody inquisitive about OSINT.

Numerous individuals think utilizing their #1 Internet web crawler is sufficient to discover the information they require and don't understand that the vast majority of the Internet isn't filed via web indexes. Cyber Radar University shows understudies powerful techniques for finding this information. You will learn true aptitudes and methods that law implementation, private specialists, digital aggressors, and safeguards use to scour the monstrous measures of data found on the Internet. When you have the data, we'll tell you the best way to guarantee that it is certified, how to dissect what you've accumulated, and how to ensure it is valuable in your examinations.

Why study Open Source Intelligence

In this course, you will find out about OSINT (Open-source knowledge) from a programmer's perspective. Instruments, procedures, setting up a virtual lab, and how to ensure yourself. This is an exhaustive course that will utilize free open-source instruments to examine individuals and organizations. Regardless of on the off chance that you are new to the captivating universe of OSINT and hacking or have some insight, this course will walk you through how the two programmers and agents utilize these apparatuses and why.

Live web security analyst course


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Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course?


OSINT Overview and Search Engine

Google Advanced Searching Methods

Google Dork

Search Engine other than Google

Overview about the OSINT



Resource to fetch Image Information

Reverse Image Searching

Try finding the Physical Location from Images

EXIF Data extraction



Discovering the Email Addresses

Securing your Email Addresses

Finding whether our Email address is compromised or not?


Password and Username OSINT

Password Breaching Method

By default password finding methods

Hunting Username for social media

Hunting Usernames and Accounts


People OSINT

Searching Info for People

Voter Records and Directory

Hunting Phone Numbers

PhoneInfoga tool

Resumes Finders

Future with Open-Source Intelligence Course

Cyber Radar University’s mentors will guide you on how to use advanced methodologies & techniques to gather, analyze, and produce high-quality open-source intelligence and support your organization.Who require web development application certification:

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence Operations Specialist
  • Intelligence Research Specialist
  • All-source Intelligence Analyst
  • Cyber Intelligence Threat Analyst
  • Crime and Intelligence expert

Several Key skills we deliver such as Intelligence cycle & OSINT, OSINT attribution & tools introduction, Information Searching Fundamentals, Person of interest collection, Event Monitoring, Corporate Profiling, Advanced Mapping Tools, Area of Interest Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence for OSINT, Data Mining, and Dark web & Cryptocurrency.

Why learn with Cyber Radar University

Our strategies develop normal OSINT programs by guaranteeing all activities are settled inside a key setting so the data can be transformed into noteworthy insight. We center intensely around making repeatable accomplishments by instructing the "what" and "how" to give a profundity of information that will set you up for future changes and difficulties in the OSINT climate and diminish the dependence on outsider devices.

Furthermore, we go past standard OSINT courses by showing you how to use AI for assignments, for example, facial acknowledgment and opinion investigation without requiring specialized aptitudes, and how to join progressed instrument sets into your work processes to make huge efficiencies and scale.

The curriculum of the course

Studying an open-source intelligence course can be very useful for you as a new beginner or a professional, as crimes are rising continuously through social media. OSINT training can assist in identifying the evidence of criminal activity, geolocation, the account holder, and other relevant information.


Security specialists, private investigators, peneteration testers, ethical hackers, business intelligence specialists, journalists, HRs, law enforcement officers, and anyone who wants to be able to find out the truth about people and companies.


This course doesn’t have any pre-requisites, but technical terminology knowledge such as “social engineering” is a great plus.

Open Source Intelligence – OSINT Fundamentals

About the Course

Importance of Course

Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course?

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