Web Application Testing course

Practical Training Course for Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing is a practical, active training focused on showing you the aptitudes, skills, tools, and methods needed for directing far-reaching security tests of web applications.

You'll become familiar with the secrets facts of web application infiltration testing in a vivid environment, including misusing and shielding web, performing a static and dynamic examination of web and related Android applications utilizing famous tools, discovering vulnerabilities in source code, abusing shortcomings in the execution of versatile security controls and that's just the beginning. You will figure out how to inspect infusion attacks, for example, cross-site scripting and SQL infusion attacks, and figure out how to perform robotized attacks with Intruder, just as examine reactions with Repeater and Comparer.

Web Application Testing Course presents the control of web application testing and shows an involved point of view of how a penetration analyzer (pentester) applies philosophy with training to test web applications for security blemishes. The course surveys a few essential web application infiltration testing strategies and gives you an open door for active experience as an entrance analyzer utilizing a well known free and open-source programming (FOSS) apparatus, Burp Suite.

Why Explore this Course

This course is a very active and fairly progressed course that will necessitate that you set up your own pentesting environment. You're additionally expected to have a fundamental comprehension of Linux and be open to working with the order line. Moreover, you ought to have experience with virtualized conditions, for example, VMWare or VirtualBox and furthermore see how to design a program's intermediary settings. Be that as it may, don't let these prerequisites prevent you. Focusing in and taking care of business with the secrets to success will make you a superior web application pentester!


About the Course

Importance of Course

Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course

Web Application Setup Lab

Lab on Windows Platform

Lab on Linux Platform

Lab on Cloud Platform

Overview of Web Technologies and Language Overview

Front End of Website

Back End of Website

API – Application Program Interface

Databases Overview

Encoding Methods

Encoding Types

URL Encoding

Some Example on Encoding and Decoding challenges

HTTP Header and Authentication Process

GET method

POST method

HTTP Header overview

Burp Suite Tool

Introduction of Burp Suite Tool

Setting Burpsuite for Testing

Proxy Setting Overview

What Will You Gain with CRU

All through the course, you will have the occasion to rehearse by means of activities, evaluate your learning through knowledge checks, and take the last appraisal toward the finish of the course.

Participants Will Learn About Web application testing including

  • Threats and Risks
  • Test Components
  • Testing Strategies
  • Test Planning
  • Learn how to discover subdomains of any site
  • Learn about SQL infusion procedures

Joining Web Application Testing on the web Course is an incredible choice for planned understudies who likewise have different responsibilities, similar to low maintenance or all-day work. This permits you to take in your own movement from anyplace on the planet.

Why learn from us

Joining Web Application Testing on the web Course is an extraordinary alternative for forthcoming understudies who additionally have different responsibilities, similar to part-time or all-day work. This permits you to take in your own movement from anyplace in the world.

Engineers, Developers, penetration testers, penetration analyzers, and IT experts. To pick up the best profit by this course it is relied upon for you to have experience with: Virtualized conditions, for example, VMWare or Virtual, Understanding and arranging program intermediary, browser proxy setting, Understanding of web conventions and the different requests, responses, and status codes, and Familiarity with parcel structure and OSI model.

Course Curriculum

This course takes you through the essentials of web application and entrance testing, demonstrating to you how these abilities apply through certifiable models. After you have a grip on the essentials, you'll become familiar with a variety of manual penetration testing strategies. No information on outsider applications or uncommon projects is required – you'll focus on manual testing, all things considered, web security-based situations.


This course is reasonable for System Testers, Software Engineers, Security Analysts, Web Auditors, and Quality Assurance Managers.


Knowledge of penetration testing ideas and in any event one year in a data security job, or identical experience, is suggested.


About the Course

Importance of Course

Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course?

Overview of Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud Computing

Industry Overview of Cloud Computing

Services of Cloud Computing

Overview of Virtualization

Types of Virtualization

Using Virtualization in localhost

Introduction to AWS platform

Services of AWS

Working overview on AWS Platform

Introduction to AZURE platform

Services of AZURE

Working overview on AZURE Platform

Introduction to AZURE platform

Services of AZURE

Working overview on AZURE Platform

Overview of Virtual Network

Overview of Private and Public Network

Overview of VPN and VPS

Security policy on Cloud

IAM overview on Cloud

Security Services on AWS and AZURE

Security Tools on AWS and AZURE

Introduction to IAM

In depth in IAM

Working of IAM polices

Setup and working on IAM

Personal Information


Yes, this course underlines exhaustive and down to practical testing.

Yes, you will come to know the distinction yourself.

Yes, you will bring up all sorts of issues and questions inside the training.

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