Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program

Be your own boss; regulate your own future; and become an expert in your chosen field through our Entrepreneurship Program.
Our Maxim is: “Entrepreneurs are made not born”.

Cyber Radar University will prepare you and equip you with all the tools needed to emerge as a future entrepreneur or global business leader with a technology focus. CRU will assist you in exploring new trends and emerging markets. Our Entrepreneurship Program examines important concepts, approaches, and strategic problems pertinent for start-up and initial stage entrepreneurs.



In recent times, job creation for India has become the need of the hour and the country requires entrepreneurs who can come up with ground-breaking ideas, profitable and sustainable solutions to solve the problems.

CRU offers a comprehensive entrepreneurship program based on the courses we offer. Our entrepreneurship program provides skills, front-line knowledge and expertise on how to develop products and services fruitfully, leading to enterprise creation and growth. These can be applied in both new as well as in established ventures.

There is an enormous potential for entrepreneurship among the rural youth to generate jobs so they can aspire to be job makers rather than job seekers. Keeping in mind, CRU focuses on skilling, up-skilling and reskilling, aspirants can come up with innovative solutions and create their own business empire and ultimately help India become a strong economic power.

Program objectives

Core objectives of entrepreneurship program include:

  • Encourage self-employment tendencies
  • Promote first generation industrialists and businessman
  • Create awareness about availability of resources
  • Provide knowledge about government plans and programmes
  • Create awareness about marketing
  • Create entrepreneurs in Cyber Security and Next-Gen technology domain
  • Remove doubts of entrepreneurs
  • Provide training to operate business
  • Give solutions and suggest remedies of problems
  • Allocate funds if required
  • Create successful entrepreneurs

Course highlights

  • Overview of the key aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Do’s and don’ts that an entrepreneur should always remember
  • Anecdotal advice based on real-world examples
  • Critique live pitch by aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Master the important steps for creating your own company basis interest
  • Inculcate how to frame an effective business plan
  • Experience a live pitch by entrepreneurs and hear uncensored feedback
  • Develop a versatile approach to creating start-ups

Key benefits

  • Learn basic life skills
  • Prepare students for an uncertain future
  • Take advantage of a world-class curriculum
  • Enhance your business management skills
  • Augment creativity and innovation skills
  • Ability to create greater opportunities
  • Gain community understanding skills
  • Provide better understanding of the market economy
  • Develop problem solving and identification capability
  • Boosts leadership quality
  • Gain essential business and leadership skills
  • Enhance your ability to create wealth from your own business
  • Develop relationships with like-minded leaders
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